Do they make good guitars?
Found a starter pack. AUS$300. Not bad for a first guitar.
Includes everything you need + lessons from the play I'm gunna buy it from. Never seen such a huge music shop, it was awesome. But I don't want the lessons. I need to somehow politely tell them to gtfo my guitar skills and leave.

Sorry to make another thread btw.
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t3gan? Coming to the UK?

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their amps are good but from my experience of their guitars they are something to stay away from. but their amps are deffenly something to look at
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Don't like ashtons, they're a real mass producing company, i spsoe all these companys are, but they have less attention to detail, not to mention shoddy electronics to go with.

Thats when it comes to guitars, never bought an amp.

What sorta guitaring you looking to get into? The Squier Bullet packs are also pretty shoddy fromw hat i hear
I haven't heard anything good about Ashton guitars. There isn't anything special about them..
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