There's an old harmony(going by the body...there's no markings) for sale at my local music store. I think it's a Rocket. It has 4 single coil pups with an on-off switch for each one. Looks pretty cool, and it's $75. Feels kinda funny with a big c-shaped neck but I could adapt.. Think it's worth it?
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They any good? This one sounded alright in the practice amps, but it being a small store anything bigger than 20 watts is off limits. I was attracted by the whole 4 pickup thing...and all the switches lol.
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it could be a h77 variation. i would get it asap, but i love harmony guitars.
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Well if it's good enough that they have a following..I'll see if it's still there on payday ^^

edit: I think I got the name totally wrong..I googled the rocket....that's not it. It looks like this, but with the pickups I described. Has a trem bridge like those. Old looking thing..

Headstock looks like the one with the trem in the top pic
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