i can not work out wether the shepards should've gone off and made sinate... to be honest i love 8 foot sativa now, but i did more so post breed the pain... 8 foot sativa's new album with only one original band member (Gary Smith) poison of ages, is good when you first listen to it but, is an album you get sick of very quickly... where as hate made me, season for assualt and breed the pain are timeless...

in saying all of this Sinate is a very good band aswell... Beyond Human and violent ambitions are two very good albums... Matt shepard (vocals, lead guitar of sinate) left 8 foot sativa as their vocalist... his brother sam Shephard (Drums for sinate) who was in 8 foot sativa from the word 'go' left with his brother to form sinate...

Was this a wise desicion?
Did 8 foot lose its flare or have they made a big mistake?
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Sam wasn't in from the word go. He joined with the "Season for Assault" album. And he was a good drummer, but the guy they have now is without a doubt vastly superior. Also, Brent and Gary were the driving force behind Sativa, and both of them were in for the recording of Poison of the Ages, it wasn't just Gary.

I think Poison of Ages is their best album to date, it has seriously kick ass riffs. I love Breed the Pain, Season is okay, but I find their debut quite boring. Although it goes without doubt that their previous drum parts were better then their current ones, but that said, they didn't have the current drummer they have now for that album, those tracks were done from the guy in Carnal Forge.