I was wondering if any of you guys/gals had any sheet music or tabulature for
any good arpeggio scales or chord progressions, preferably good for practicing!
I learned how to sweep by playing the first solo in "The Glass Prison" by Dream Theater. A lot of tabs for that song don't have it played as continuous sweeping, but you can do it if you rearrange it.
There's a tab out there somewhere called "we be sweepin" that's pretty good for beginners, and Yngwvie has some good stuff out there)
Funky c, Funky do
okay here we go

3 string sweep: A min arpeggio. move it around, play slow to get feeling


4 string sweep: Amin arpeggio. move it around and roll your finger


5 string: 1 C major, this is tricky but effective when practiced
2 D minor, " =" " " "