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Yeah!!! DIME Rulz!
7 6%
Yes, but only because of the specs, not the name
17 13%
No way, dude. I ain't paying extra for some guys name on the headstock
35 28%
No, but I have nothing against it.
67 53%
Voters: 126.
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Well, do you?

Les Pauls don't count as signature guitars in this situation, seeing as it has become more of an industry standard than a sig model.
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The poll is kind of half assed, but oh well.

I currently do not, but I have nothing against it and plan on owning a high end guitar that's someones sig. when I can afford it.
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i said hell no, its lame
but i realize
i have an evh flanger.
thats the only thing though
the unchained paint job got me
i had to buy it
Why would I want signature gear!?

It's silly....pointless....and sounds the same without the signature.
I've never seen a signature model I liked. They all tend to be shred guitars or metal guitars, neither of which are really "my thing," or they tend to be an excuse to put some washed up punk guitarist's name on a Strat or a Les Paul or something. Yeah, I could get a guitar named after Billie Joe Armstrong or Tom Delonge! Hey, yeah, I'll pass on that. But the thing is, the extra cost. I could get a guitar with better specs at the same price just because they're not paying some guy in a band I don't listen to for his name.

I'd rather play an instrument with a distinct identity that I made for it anyway. While I doubt anyone would ever put my name on a guitar, ever, I also have to take into account that none of the dudes who did get a guitar named after them got there by playing a guitar with someone else's name on it (well, maybe a Les Paul, but as the OP said, that's kinda different).
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There are a few bits of signature gear I'd buy, like an Eric Johnson Strat maybe or an Ibanez PGM301 or maybe an ENGL Blackmore. What's great about them is they're very unique compared to others, and these specific ones aren't overly priced. I understand why people bag on it though, with all the Dean Dime wank I'm teh metalz models.
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A schecter with a floyd, set neck, 24 frets, and a pair of custom Seymour duncans. With the same neck I'd been used to on my other schecter.

I'd have been dumb not to buy it.
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I have a Ibanez Universe UV-777BK which is Steve Vai's 7-string model. It's not completely stock though. I put an Evolution in the bridge and I have push/pulls in the volume and tone for splitting the bridge and neck pups.

If I had to buy it at it's full price I wouldn't have, but for the price I got it for it is more then worth it. I love it.
no, but DIME Rulz!
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Nah.Why would I wanna pay RM10000 for a guitar with someone else's name on it when I can get much better deals without that name?
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A friend of mine has some Joe Satriani sig and as for the specs they are better on some cheaper regular ibanez guitars... but I don't like Joe Satriani anyway :p
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I used to have the Ibanez k-7
playin on it was sweet but grew tired of not having a tone knob,
never bought a signature model since
I've got two pieces of signature gear: Epiphone Joe Perry Boneyard signature LP and the Digitech Eric Clapton Crossroads multi-effect pedal.

Both I bought just for the spec really (well, and the finish in the case of the LP). I've got better guitars than the LP, just as I've got nicer sounding pedals than the Crossroads, but they have their uses and I'm glad I've got them. If it wasn't for buying that LP, I would never have realised how great Gibson Burstbuckers are (especially the #3, which I now put on all of my guitars), and the pedal has saved me time and effort when I've just wanted to screw around and switch between differenmt types of overdrive and acoustic sounds without having to unplug everything and get out entirely different pedals.

Are they may favourite pieces of equipment I have? Not at all. Are they decent though, do I feel like they were worth the price tags (around £600 for the LP, around £70 for the pedal)? Yes. I don't regret buying either, I get good use out of them - and the LP looks damn good to boot.
i actually just bought a satriani strap, ONLY because it looks groovy

nothing against signature series, they are used by the player for a reason beyond the royalties, money and such..

i want an ibanez js1200, cose i love the tone, the colour, the shape AND the name

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I currently have no signature gear, but i don't have anything against them there are some that's worth the money and somethings that are overpriced :P
Only signature Guitars i would want is the PGM and EBMM John Petrucci Signature, but i have always hated signature pedals XD don't know why i have tested many and i have never found one that i liked, BUT i was pretty close to buy a Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society signature picks
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I have a Peavey HP Signature guitar but the low-end model (about $300). If a Jim Dunlap Wah counts, well, I have one of those too.

Did I buy them for the name? Heck no! I got them because they were in my budget at the time for the hobby.

Esp George Lynch Signature Bengal

Uncle got it for 200 dollars. BEST EVAR!

I'm I'm ever famous I'm getting one. Leopard print+purple FTW!
if a jackson RR counts as a sig model, then yes. BUt i dont think it does because so many guitarists have used them over the years, dont get me Wrong, Randy Rhoads was the Bomb, but i didnt buy it because of his name.

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Actually I would really enjoy owning some specific signature gear, only because of the unique specs.
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I just bought a DIME DEAN Razorback Yellow Devil. I got to try one first and it's a great guitar. I do own a cheap Lyon/Washburn Scott Ian signature guitar I got on clearance when Sam Goody closed it's doors at one of the local malls. I paid a whopping $20.00. LOL 90% off. It's not a bad guitar though. It has a snigle double rail pup one knob but plays decent and sounds great. I have a Limited Edition Epiphone Flying V in black and white just like the MS DEAN but it's really not a signature guitar. OH! I almost forgot I have a Paul Stanley Silvertone that I really love. I didn't buy these guitars for the names backing them I bought them because I like them the name is just an added extra.

*Points at sig* I like V's, and I heard good things about it, so checked it out. Loved the sound and feel.


I will probably buy the Herman Li sig if it ever comes out, 24 fret S series Ibanez. I don't care whos name is on the headstock.
the peavey hp signature is like a les paul because it no some famous artist neame on it, it is the founder of the company so i would but the peavey hp
I own a set of GHS EJ signature strings, do those count?
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I've got an Eric Johnson Strat, due to its specs, and not because of him, fact is, I never even heard of Cliffs of Dover until after I bought it :P. I also learned after the fact that he's a little OCD, which probably means that its a quality guitar (which it is). It also doesn't scream out Eric Johnson, like having his signature or polka dots like Buddy Guys strat (nothing against that of course, I'm sure it plays like a dream as well). I love its minimalist style.

I also have a John Lennon Epiphone EJ-160e, which looks like the Gibson J-160e, but thats because I couldn't afford the real thing at the time. But now that I can afford it, I'd rather spring for a True Vintage Gibson Hummingbird :P
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Quote by EEF13
the peavey hp signature is like a les paul because it no some famous artist neame on it, it is the founder of the company so i would but the peavey hp

I guess it depends on who you find famous. I think Hartley Peavey is one of the best businessman out there. Yes, I understand that the intention of this thread is performing musicians but I think the man is a genious in business and I am proud to have one of his guitars with his name on it (signature). No offense

"No way, dude. I ain't paying extra for some guys name on the headstock"

Well I haven't seen the players name on the headstock...but no, I hate em. I prefer to mod it myself and have it be MY signature guitar.
is it really silly or pointless?

i mean, if i found something that i liked, i would buy it regardless of the name on it, whether its signature or just brand name.

i buy what sounds good, not what my favourite players play.
Yes, it's a satch strap!
And I'll be getting a JEM and Rory Gallagher strat at some point in my life, partly cos of the name and look but also cos of the specs. Where's that option?
Eh... you're aiming this directly at Dean Guitars aren't you? As much as I would love to have a Razorback, the only signature gear I have is the Iommi Signature Epi SG, and the Scott Ian Black 13. But, if you combine the right gear, you can get a great sound out of it.
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No. Most of the time there are the same/similar things on the market, for cheaper. Signature things are usually overpriced due to the name on the label.
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IMO the Muddy Waters tele is the best mexican tele you can buy. That's why I own one.
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I really like it, gives me the tone I like.
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I wont buy one, but teh coolest sig guitar ive ever seen is the Joe Strummer Tele...I want to do that to my guitars someday.

But if i ever got a sig, itd prolly be a Dime Razorback....if i got one.
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