Alright so I've been thinking about changing my pickups on my strat. It's and HSS strat but whatever. I'm leaning towards lace sensors but mainly because, and just by chance, there was a used guitar at a shop with lace sensors already in it and I liked the way that sounded. My question is...How am I supposed to test out pickups in order to figure out what pickups give me the sound I want other than reading descriptions of certain pickups. It doesn't seem very practical to buy pickups do all the work of getting them in and then decide I don't really like them. Let me know.
Well, thats pretty much all you can do. Try them in a guitar similar to your own.

I believe some stores let you return pickups if the wiring was done neatly
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There are to many variables in guitars for a company to say how they will sound in one particular guitar. Its just the way things are you gotta try if you dont like em you get different ones.
^ Exactly. I've noticed tonal variations between guitars of the exact same model with the exact same equipment. There's no way to tell beforehand. That's why I get my pickups custom made; a lot of small pickup makers will rewind or replace your pickups after a trial period. Yeah, you pay more, but you get (1) pickups that just sound better, and (2) peace of mind that you know if you don't like them you're not necessarily stuck with them.
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I know what you're saying and I figured it would be like that, but I mean if they just had any guitar with any type of custom pickups installed it would be good to at least get a baseline ya know but hey...So then I guess whats normally the return policy on pickups say from like a major shop like Guitar Center or Sam Ash?
I was looking into new pickups and I'm just gonna do it based on what the guitarists I listen to use. You could think about doing that. For instance, I idolise Richie Sambora - so I'm gonna stick a PAF pro in the bridge of a Fender strat, when I get my hands on one!
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