Hey Ugers. basically heres the problem: I've worked all for the past 5 months at a steady job, and i've earned about $15,000. I was thinking, one option would be to get a new car. should i go that route, i thought the best way for ME would be to purchase it, but, to pay it monthly. after much soul-searching, (and some googling) i've kind of narrowed it down to 2 choices. To clairify, i don't think paying for it should be a problem, at least not in the foreseable future.
my choices are: a 2005-2007 Mustang GT.

a 2006-2007 Acura RSX type S

I dont really have a preferece...as i love muscle cars do to shows such as Muscle Car, and Horsepower t.v. and movies such as Gone in 60 Seconds.
But, the past few years, movies such as The Fast and the Furious, as well as numerous 'Tuner' or Import magazines have increased my passion for import models too.
As well, the ease of which one can get high quaility parts is great too.

Any valid points about either car, or class of cars is welcome. Also, any suggestions for cheaper cars, or better cars would be appreicated. Im definitly open to suggestions, as these two choices are not the only two, they are just choices for right now.
I hope this sparks some interesting discussions about cars in the UG forums.

*one more thing, how does this pertain to guitar you might ask? Well, i'll be carrying 1-2 in the trunk or backseat, so, don't think i've forgotten about my guitars either.*

Thanks so much everyone...and keep on rocking

Although Mustangs are sexy, I would go for the Acura because it's guaranteed to last longer, and probably has a better mpg rating than the Mustang. It does come from the Honda family, so you know you're getting a very reliable car. If you're planning on keeping this car long-term, meaning 10+ years, I would hands down go for the Acura because it will never give you problems and it is much more gas-economical than the Mustang.
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I agree with darkstar. Acuras have been known to be very reliable with just minimal care. My hand-me-down car is an old 94 Acura Integra, and it's still running well.
My vote is for the Acura, mostly for previously mentioned reasons. Plus, I really don't like Mustangs. I don't really consider them muscle cars. If I had $15,000 and I really wanted a muscle car, I would invest it in an old Challenger or maybe a Duster. But what do I know really, I drive an Oldsmobile Cutlass.
its great to see great replies so quickly. Well, i love american muscle, no arguments there. But im only 18, and although horsepower is sexy, i want to still maintian control of my car. The new mustangs in my opinion, are a great throwback to the 'Stangs of the late 60's and early 70's.
That being said, i had never had the pleasure of driving an acura, but, it seems to be known for its reliabilty. Today when i noticed this shiny blue car sitting in the parking lot, it appealed to a young male such as myself. Sleek lines, nice rims, great looking leather interior.
I would love to have either one of these cars, and, maybe a few months or a year down the road, do some modifactions. Maybe a bodykit, a stereo, maybe not.
I think a test-drive is in order, and that should help me with my decesion. In the meantime, thanks for the response so far, and keep the suggestions coming.

Go for the Mustang hands down the easy choice. In stock form the Mustang is a better looking ride and is far better in performanc. Yeah the RSX is a nice quikc little ride but they're is nothing like the power a V8. As long as you keep the regular maintence up on it and treat it like you care about it, it should last you for a long time too.
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if you want one of those go with the mustang, id love to have one myself but in sweden a 05 gt runns about 40000usd

but to be honest, if it was me buing a car id go for a late 60s early 70s fullsize mopar with a bigblock(pref 440, just a fetish from my side ) and a nice blower with dual holly 650s *gahhhh*
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