I was going to post this in the Gear Building & Customizing forum, but they seem pretty guitar-oriented, so I wasn't sure how much help I'd get.

So I have a "Barracuda" J-bass copy. It was my first bass, and I haven't used it very much since I got my Ibanez Roadstar II (which isn't the most expensive bass, but it plays like one, IMHO).

Here are the mods I'm planning on doing eventually:

- Pickups: Either this EMG JHz Passive set or this DiMarzio set. I'm not sure if they will fit though, as my bass is a Fender imitation. How can I tell? Do I have to measure mine and compare it to a standard size?

- Pickguard: Not a big deal, but I'm afraid it won't fit

- Bridge: Is a good bridge that important? If so, then I suppose I'll look for a good one (BadAss II I guess?)

Roadstar II:
- Pickups: I'm not sure what to replace it with, as I'm not sure what size it is, but it looks to be about the same as a MM pickup. It's got a 3-way selector that goes from parallel to series to something else. I think in a previous thread someone suggested that it may be a "in phase / out of phase" pickup or something. Not sure what that means, and what kind of pickup I can replace it with.

- Bridge: What replacement bridges for Ibanez are there? Most of the ones I see seem pretty Fender-like.
ok from the top


pickups: generally they are standard sized with the bridge being slightly longer than the neck pickup, your best bet however would be to measure and compare

pickguard: the only way you're ever going to be sure of a aftermarket pickguard fitting is if you own a fender. I think your best bet is to buy a sheet of pickguard material and cut one to your specs yourself

bridge: yes it is important to have a good solid bridge, the bridge controls the intonation, action and to an extent sustain of your bass so get a good one

as for the roadster i know nothing about them so i'm not gonna fake it and possibly give you bad advise i'll leave it to someone in the know
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Pickups. Best bet is to measure yourself and compare.

Pickguard. Unless your bass is a true and exact fender copy, or afender, it will not fit, as they are mostly tailored to Fender basses.


Pickups. The 3 way will be series, parallel and only one coil, if my educated guess is right (its a common combination.) Check to see if the 3th mode has hum. Best way if the pickups a humbucker noramally.

Either way, if you have MM humbucker style pickups, you will need another humbucker with all 4 wires in order to have these switches still working.

Bridges. Not a lot. Again, check dimensions like string spacing, and so long as you don't mind fillling in the old holes and drilling new ones, any bridge shall do. Just so long as you accept it isn't a direct replacement.
Bridge. Yes, very. As already said, they controlaction, intonation, have a bit impact on sustain and also the tone.
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