Right bought a effects pedal at the weekend, I am not a very good guitar player and I am in the middle of learning from a tutor, going through scales and keys and how they link together and such like. Anyway back to the point, when trying to learn songs, I have got a bit of the sound I get out of my guitar and amp so I thought I would get an effects pedal not really knowing how to use the thing and started messing about with things with my own melodies and it sounded nice, putting on delay and some wah-wah, then I got thinking and here is the main question how do I know what type of effect to put on songs I want to learn, say for example champagne supernova? I am a learner so dont be harsh if this is a stupid question.
Sounds like you got a multi-fx pedal there.

With any song you are trying to learn, listen to it a lot, and experiment with the effects you have until you get the right sound.

This page explains all the effects quite well: http://users.chariot.net.au/~gmarts/fx-desc.htm

effects are really fun to play around with, and can make something ordinary sound pretty cool, just play around till you find something you personally like.
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Hey any one Using ZOOM G2 Guitar Processor. I want to know whether it has a direct 3.5mm jack connectivity option (you know but i might be using i t for headphones) If not please suggest me any other connectivity.

Hope You all got me, thanks in advance.