Can someone help me out with this one please. I bought a 2nd hand peavey classic 50 212, it's great! But it didn't come with the original reverb, but I was supplied with a pretty decent spring reverb unit. But it's not installed and I don't have the wires. The reverb unit has RCA input and outputs, but I can find RCA input/outputs anywhere on the amp.
All I can see is a funny white plug with 4 pins, which is right next to the fx return/send, so i'm guessing this is where the reverb input/output goes. Can anybody confirm this on their peavey classic, or know of anywhere I can purchase the correct connectors for this?

Many Thanks!
You would probably get better advice if you re-post this in the Gear Building and Customizing section.
Yeah, pics.
My peavey classic when i bought it, it had a receipt that showed that the previous owner replaced the reverb pot. Maybe it's a problem with classics? But anyways... yeah, pics.
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