Hey Guys,

We want to write a song for our forum like national anthem :P

i'm wondering how should the full structure look like... i dont know exactly but i'm talking about this

Verse 1 Verse 2 Pre-Bridge Bridge to Solo , Solo , Main Riff etc... i want the full structure :P
It ALL depends on the riffs. You cant pre-write the structure before you know how the riff sounds like.
just go with it when you pre plan everything it sounds stale anyway just balls it besides i love theory as much as the next guy but thats all it is is someones theory dont forget that if it sounds good do it there are really no rules in music except if it sounds bad dont doit unless you make it sound right latter GEEZ im hyper
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thanks guys, i will do the ababcbabb :P

Seriously, everything always comes back to good old fashioned theory