Okay, every time I've bought an ibanez (bass or guitar) off the internet it seems 2 hav loadsa fret buzz around the first few frets even thou Ibanez like to setup guitarz b4 sending them, I dunno if the strings r too low or the necks titled but seems fine 2 me - can't b heard from the amp or recording so should I bother to get rid of it, cos its setup fine cept that.

My general rule is, if you can't hear it from the amp and you're happy with it, there's no point fixing it. I would only fix it once you start actually hearing it coming out of the amp too.
well.. uhh... i don't wanna bring you down or somethin coz im xur u spent some cash for guitars but... i think, it's really the way the guitar was made... it's really sometimes the manufacturers' fault.... u could try cleanin your guitar, the frets i mean... if doesn't work... well.. i dunno anymore... that's all i know dude... if i'm wrong, well.. i'm sorry. hope i helped.
imo, i dont mind if its buzzing, as long as it doesnt come out of the amp.

If you wanna get rid of it however, try adjusting the action, or get a luthier to adjust the truss rod for ya.
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1. depends on the models.
2. guitars, especially shipped thru the mail, need to be set up correctly.
3. like said, most acoustic buzz isnt a problem.

4. where, what strings and frets is the buzz?

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