Hello, my name is Adam, and I write/perform/record/produce/engineer my own music on my self-owned label, WF Media. I have been making music for about 15 years now. I recently posted 8 songs on my profile here at UG, so please take a look/listen, and I will crit yours if you crit mine. My music ranges from rap to metal to pop acoustic, so there is sure to be SOMETHING that pleases your ear!

You can catch me LIVE, playing in the greater Chicago land area in the hard rock band Caustic Burn!

If you wish to see my personal website, contact me personally, and I will direct you.

Like I mentioned earlier - crit for crit.


Gone sounds a lot like Pantera, I like it. I'm not sure also sounds a little like Pantera actually . Good recording quality but the drum machine was a bit annyoing at times.
Nice! I can hear the buckethead influence in your playing, Pingis_or_Death. Thanks for the crit, glad you liked SOMETHING outta the 8 songs. Yes, the drums on 'I'm not sure' are slightly annoying, it was before I mastered the drum editing process...