Ok, so I have an Epiphone G-400 and on musicians friend I found a Gibson SG Faded Series for $580. and I can't decide if it's worth it to buy the Gibson or just keep with my Epiphone. I've wanted to be a Gibson owner ever since I started playing guitar but I never came across one for this cheap.. so what should I do?
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It depends on what budget you currently have.

And secondly, the difference between an Epiphone and a low prices Gibson isn't that big. But if you want to for the Gibson brand, by all means do, it's still a great guitar.
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gibson faded series blows blows blows

NEVER buy a faded unless you play it first. quality control for the faded series is like trying to take a dump and have it the same length and width everytime. impossible.
keep your epi for now, and keep the money, save up to get a standard
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Yeah, keep the Epiphone if you're happy with it, and save for an SG Standard if you want an SG.

The Faded Series aren't gonna be much better than the G400, possibly not even as good!!!
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