okay guys, three questions from your best friend ever, john the baptist(kurtis):

-My strat copy-copy-copy (Magnum, to speak of high quality brands) lets off lots of noise, which is cancelled entirely when i touch the strings or and hardware, as the wiring has been grounded to the bridge from the back.
What can i attach to the guitar inside, to solder the grounding wire to, and keep noise to a minimum? I don't wanna spend much money, or have to walk around like the guitar's made of glass when i use it though.

-I am getting a friend to do some awesome artwork (lines, curves, swirls spikes etc) to paint onto my guitar, i'm thinking monochrome (just draw the lines to make the shapes, on the white pickguard).
What paint/brush should I use? I don't mind spending a bit on this, but i want long-lasting, good-looking, dark, contrasting paint, and i want to be able to do it accurately.

-This is a bit over the top and idealistic, but what horrible tortures would i need endure to make and install custom inlays on my guitar? I'm thinking pretty, semi-intricate symbols, maybe get some kanji on there. It's a bolt-on neck, so taking the thing apart concerns me not.
Any ideas/advice?

thanks dorks,
oh guys, can i PLEASE get a holla of sorts, if i'm feeling lucky, a reply?

i'm feeling WAY lucky
youd probally be better off buying a new guitar for the price it would cost to do all tha to your guitar.

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Try posting this in the Gear Building and Customizing forum, you'll probably get more replies.
- the grounding issue doesnt need to be the guitar, it might just as well be your amp
crappy practice amps often dont ground properly. try a good amp

- if you want to do a paintjob of any sort, you first need to sand of at least the lacquer (the shiny top layer of the finish, right) and afterwards put some kind of lacquer back on which is a bitch so do consider twice. oh and for what sort of paint, because its basically paint on wood already you can just use any paint that works on regular wood

- inlays - the way you say it, you mean you want to have symbols instead of the dots? thats a LOT of work and very complicated indeed. I'm not an expert on it, so ask in the Gear Building/Cust forum
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thanks for the replies guys (that rhymes), and i'll go to the gear building forum.

I was basically enquiring about inlays, no biggie, and i only want art on my ugly pickguard.

I also want to spice up my jet black Ibanez RG370DX with some shiny silver stuff.