hey. anyone of u out there feels the same way as i do now?or in the past? where u broke up wif ur girlfriend about a month back, but the seperation was amicable. U 2 remain as close friends still behaving like couple though cept fer those love msg and physical stuff. However there were times when she kinda got angry at u all of a sudden.. like in the morning when we met to go to school and she was behaving like that throughout the whole day... the way she talk to u was as if u owe her money. like those rude kind of tone and look. sigh and u were angry because u dont even know wats wrong. wat makes u feel worse is that she talks happily to her other friends but not u. Then theres this cold war going on between the both of u

The funny thing is that at the end of the day when ure back home lying on ur bed, u suddenly feel like talking to her when u saw her signing in on msn and the anger inside u suddenly goes off.

what do u do man. im feeling ****y.. i told myself how much i hate it when shes behaving like this in the day but in the night, its like a totally different feeling towards her.