I've recorded a ****ty cover of a song on my computer and the end recording has a very low volume. How can I raise the overall volume of the file without having to crank up my computer volume?
If it's any help I recorded using Tracktion

Thanks in advance
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i don't know much about tracktion myslef, despite owning it, but if there's a multiband compressor or similar just shove it onto your whole track. compressors will boost it. best to compress instruments individually, but if it is indeed ****ty, then multiband it all! and buy cubase!
you can try using a compressor.
Audacity has an extra download with whats called a "Dyson Compressor" which i use on some of my tracks and then once at the final mix-down.
It really amps up the volume without clipping and compared to my old songs without any compression its a huge difference.

look into mastering

also see Tweaks guide in my sig on some things like mastering, mixing, and compressing
Compression is the way to go in my opinion. That's what I've used in the past for similar causes.
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Also try using a limiter.

Bingo. Brick wall limiters are the way mastering engineers bring up the overall volumes of songs. If your song is too quite to begin with though, you'll have quite a bit of noise in your recording once you bring it up. A professional mixing engineer tries to balance the song at around -5dB before they send it off to the pre-mastering stage.
Try normalizing all the audio tracks that you have on the recording. You can bring each of them up to 0dB, the loudest digital signal without clipping, and then mix them all again properly.
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