Hey just wondering if anyone can give me tips in how to improve my guitar playing i seem to have hit a slump im looking for kinda chord and lead stuff that could be cool
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Just. Don't. Stop. Listening. To. Music.

You'll get people telling you that you need to start learning scales and creating a practice regime, but for a lot of people this is utter bollocks. Just keep listening to the music you like at every possible opportunity, and also listening to other stuff that you don't necessarily like normally.
If I hit a 'slump' (which is a great description of it btw...) I like to go into town with a tenner and buy an LP completely at random. Obviously you need something with guitars on it, so don't go looking in the Dance or Rap sections!
Other than that, just pick up the first thing that you spot - maybe something with a catchy cover. Then go home and listen through the whole thing, maybe playing your guitar with it. You might hate the actual music, but sit and jam along from start to finish anyway, and you might well pick up something from it!

Listening to lots of music will make you a more rounded player and help you start playing with your ears, instead of your eyes...
practice, practice, practice and practice a little more.

set yourself a song to learn that you know is slightly above your skill level, and spend a while learning it, slowly at first and then building up to actual speed. once youve learnt it you know you've got a little better as beforehand it was above your skill level
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