I have 8 different effects pedals, and surprisingly enough, none of them are chorus pedals, so I'm in desperate need of one. I tried out the 2 boss chorus pedals, and ehhhh, they were decent, but I heard some clips of the small clone, and pretty much jacked off to that sound. I am thinking about just sending away for a small clone, but I'm kinda scared to. I usually like to try out the pedals before I buy them, just to make sure my ears aren't tricking me through the computer speakers, and samples. Is the small clone a really really good pedal, or should I just buy a pedal that I have already tried out? Also, are there maybe any other options of good chorus pedals I should consider?
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The EHX Clone Theory is also a good chorus pedal, in my opinion, as is the Red Witch Empress Chorus (however, that one is rather expensive). You could also see if they have in a Nano Clone, which should sound pretty much the same as the regular Small Clone.
If you can sit there and say you don't dig the small clone you're obviously insane with extreme tinnitus.
Id go for it, i bought mine without playing any other chorus then boss ones, and was pleasantly surprised. =)