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im trading my DD-3 TO EITHER IBANEZ GRX20 gio series or YAMAHA RGX 812

I would still pay additional 35 USD if i would trade it up for this chinese made ibanez guitar that doesnt come with a trem arm
that guitar also has a GOTOH tuning heads and still glossy while the other guitar.. YAMAHA RGX 812 is an old superstrat
i believe that is FLOYDED but is REPAINTED and NOT GLOSSY but was made in JAPAN.. IM so freakin confused what to chose neways there are pics below



and sound do matter more of course.. wit do u think?
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Yamaha, by a hell of a long way. I mean, a seriously long way.

The top picture links don't work, but as long as the modifications were done fairly well it'll be a decent guitar.

The Ibanez Gio series is garbage, they don't stay in tune and have really low-quality parts.
Meanwhile, the RGX is a japanese-built guitar, which means the build quality will be roughly comparable to a low end USA-made guitar (albeit with slightly cheaper parts).
it doesnt? i reposted it.. should be working.. how much would this unglossy yamaha guitar worth? and is un glossy unpretty dont u think?
God knows how much it'd be worth - I've never heard of the RGX -812! There's the 612, 820/821 and the Pacifica 812, but i;'m not familiar with that model.
Either way it won't be anything special, but if you're correct in saying it's Japanese-made it'll be lightyears than the cheapo Gio.

It's probably not worth a huge amount, but the satin finish is really a matter of taste - I don't like modern gloss finishes so for me personally it'd be a good thing.
thats because its a very old superstrat.. i dunno if its a good thing.. is yamaha stock pickups better than the ibanez ones
hmm i thinks thats because it is a very old superstrat.. i dunno if its a good thing.. how will u know if its a real japanese made guitar?
it says made in japan
plus it should have like a serial number or something like that