I've just bought a new Squier Strat Bullet,from Argos in the UK for £99.99,it's an amazing guitar and I can't fault it in any way.It's a black model and I want to change the plain white 8 hole pickguard to a more fancy 3-ply one.The ones I've seen on the numerous websites I've found nearly all have 11-holes......will these fit the Bullet with some extra drilling and will everything slot back into place without having to alter the body cavities ?.Also,some sites say that the pick-up covers on Fender Strats are in two different sizes, is this the same for Bullets ?,if so what are the sizes ?.Lastly,I also want to change the volume,tone and selector switch knobs,the latter looks like it will have to be cut off and the other three won't pull off at all !.
I've always kept my guitars 'as bought' but with this one I'd like something different and it's all new to me,all answers and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
The '62 Strat pickguards and Mexican/American Std Strat pickguards are different enough that you can't fit a '62 one on a Mexican Strat. I learnt that from experience . I don't know how things stand for Squiers.

Can't you lever the knobs off with a plectrum, or something?