What do you prefer. I prefer Live Albums over studio because I like "feeling" the atmosphere listening to it. Wheras many many many people find Studio albums better because you haven't got the crowd "interfering" with the music. I guess I favour Live because I am a musician, or I am just plain weird

Anyways, yours?
i prefer a studio album, but live albums are nice every once in a while.
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depends on the band really.

that's the truth
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studio albums are better imo.
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I like studio albums, I never really look forward to live albums, id much rather the band release new material on a studio album instead.

If you want the live sound and atmosphere, go to a gig!
If you want quality recordings and like hearing new material, get studio albums.
i like some live albums, although for alot of music live albums dont the them justice

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Usually depends on the band or album. But the Scab dates by the mars volta ruined live albums for me!
studio first, then live. i want to hear the "real" version of a song.. lots of bands change things up live.
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depends on the band really.

Yeah, exactly.

For example, the live album I bought from Black Sabbath, Live At Last, was terrible. But I have a bunch from the Ramones and they're all really good. Some bands just put on better live shows I guess.

But I'd say at least 90% of the time I prefer studio albums.
Depends on the band, some are better live in which case the live albums are usually good, some aren't good live and live albums are a bit of a disappointment.
I usually much prefer studio albums, but Pantera's Official Live 101 Proof is definently an exception from the rule: it's just brutal.
I prefer studio. If a band is good then the live album will be good, but I still prefer the attention to detail on studio albums.

Actually, for me it would depend on genre too, cause Id prefer metal bands in studio, but solo guitarists (like the G3 concerts) seem to be a lot better live.
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It depends. With Reel Big Fish, I prefer their live album to their studio albums, because they play about 3 times better (true for when I saw them as well), but with most bands I'd rather hear a studio album for interesting arrangements and polished sound.

Neil Young is another person whose live albums match their studio efforts. Because of the fact that he always improvises solos and changes riffs, its good to have alternate versions of songs for that different take on them.
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Live albums for some artists.

Studio for others.

I prefer live for my blues stuff. Like SRV's live albums are really good. Also , John Mayer's live albums kill his studio material.
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I like listening to live albums and studio albums equally. Maybe I want to listen to the studio version of a song if I want to just hear the song. But maybe if I need a good laugh, I'll listen to Reel Big Fish's live album. It really just depends.