this is my third time posting this. I keep getting locked out because I didn't under stand how the rules work, But I think I might have it right this time.

I was in my room with my Telecaster earler tonight and playing around with something twangy and stereotipicaly country. This is what I came up with. Just for the excersize, I'm trying to write one song a day.

Im setting here on my thrown with my pants around my ankle's.

wondering why lifes turned out the way it has.

My bills don't get paid. And I always feel drained.

Would some one trade lifes with me.

For sale or trade. It's guaranteed you'l not Have it made.

And the bill collectors garnesh your wages.

My jeans have holes. and so does this story.

Just ask the the credit card company.

When I was young and18 I had my life be for me.

Wondering what life had in store for me

Maybe I would join the milatary, or just stay home and get maried.

I never thought that it would turn out this way.

And the bill collectors won't go away.

My life realy sucks, so I just want you to know.

so you won't be disapointed after the trade.

I had two heart atachs when I was thirty seven.

Two stents put in my arteries.

I just can't resist biscuits and gravy. And fat back in my beans

What is that feelling my arms going numb.

You might want to get that looked at

And rember noooo trade backs.
It was ok. Not my faverite song on the site. For starters the rhyming just sounded forced. And to be honest if I heard this song on the radio and I heard the first line I could not take the song seriously.If you worked on it a little bit it could be a good song. Just keep working on it.

Could you please tell me what you think of my new song "Together" Thanks