I have a little battery op. tuner with line in/out and a real VU meter for display.

If I want to add a tuner into my pedal line, I have a few questions...
oh, i just need a basic tuner, nothing fancy,

1.) Should I just run a cable through my existing little tuner?
2.) If so, would the order be guitar->tuner->effects?
3.) Now that I think about it, I'd have to change the tuner using my fingers, for each string. So what's a good cheap pedal tuner? Some of the prices for pedal tuners seem REALLY high.
Boss TU-2, £65. May be a little expensive but worth every penny!
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yeah i have a TU-2 and it works fine for me

heard good things about the planet waves pedal tuner too. check it out
Yeah, it's absolutely not worth it. F$ck Boss. Get an ibanez pedal tuner, it's $40 and true bypass, unlike the over priced tone-sucking boss one