Hello from Littlewolf,

I just had the good fortune of finding this site, quite by accident.

I recently spent the big bucks to buy (although I'm still w/in the free return period) on the program Learn & Master Guitar in order to take my four years of playing to a new level. But after seeing this site I'm not so sure it was a good move. There seems to be vastly more stuff available here than in the L & M program and the reviews on the web might just be tainted by the profit motive as any referring guitar site gets paid if someone ultimately purchases the program after a prospect has followed the link from the reviewers site to the L & M site and then buys the program.

Can anyone shed light on this subject for me?

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just get a teacher try and get one with recommendations, 4 years you should shred pretty good
I'd advise you to get a refund and simply learn from the many free internet lessons, or get lessons from a professional guitar tutor who will change their tuition to suit your tastes/what you want to learn. That would be a lot better than the program.
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Hi Littlewolf, welcome to UG.

I have a feeling this thread might get moved to Guitar & Bass Basics. You'll probably get more views there, perhaps even by someone else who has used the L&M program.
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the only music-related programs i use are musictheory.net guitarpro and powertab

there all free and excellent tools
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Thanks to those of you that responded to my post, and to those that might, re: L & M Guitar (newbie needs advice).

This is the only group I've ever joined on the web so this was my first post.

Since I'm not sure how this stuff works (protocol) I just thought I would show appreciation for your time.

Welcome to UG Littlewolf! It's a great place to be. The folks here have helped me so much. Some advice to avoid getting "the business"...

o be polite
o be CAREFUL in "The Pit" (it's called that for a reason lol)
o Help others when you can
o Have fun!

That is what a guy told me when I showed up last year and it has served me well.

Hey LittleWolf

I'm new as well, to guitar and this site but there is a site and its


and its pretty sweet because it has actual teachers who post up lessons ans practices and i saw a lot of stuff on there about a lot of stuff lol. So you may wanna check that out. Theres a couple free things but to have full access its 15 a month which isnt that bad.

Hope this helps!