Ok so I haven't bought a game in a long time, I just download them. They're almost always really easy to get fully operational. I downloaded bf1942 recently, and its like waaay old so I though it'd be real easy. It was, for the most part, until I tried playing online and my CD key didn't check out with the "validation server," or something - basicly just an EA (or punkbuster?) thing that checks your key AS you connect to a game. So I was wondering if anyone else does this kind of stuff, and if they've run into this kind of problem. It seems really that the only way to get around this is simply to get my hands on a valid cd key. I have one now that I came across, but it always says "CD key in use," so I think this key obviously got to a lot of other players. I did manage to get into one server, that was weird. Does anyone perhaps know of a site where you can get valid CD keys for games? Maybe even buy them?

BTW this is pretty funny considering all the posts on the recent crackdown of torrent sites n all that.
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Maybe even buy them?

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