Hey, I know you guys must get alot of these threads coming up to christmas, so I'll try be the least pain in the a** I can be

So anyway, current guitar is Ibanez SZ520FM, sounds good- just isn't very comfortable to play. I like the nice solid feel it has to it, it's been my first sort of... non beginer guitar And yeah, I like that it doesn't feel cheap to play. But I don't enjoy playing it much haha, and as I said, sounds good- no problems in that area, but I don't really like how it plays.
(there's a set of Dimarzio in there.. should it be any concern to anyone lol)

But yeah, I prefer the feel of my Ibanez Rg370Dx (stock pickups), however it feels very cheap, and sounds pretty sh*t. So I was thinking if I maybe got a Prestige RG or something along the lines of?

But I was thinking, maybe its the basswood of my Rg that takes away from the tone?
And the mahogony of my SZ that gives it a bit more tone... or maybe its the pickups I dunno, whatever

Anyway, I play mostly what I guess you would call 'classic rock', everything from Clapton to Page, Hendrix to SRV, Peter Green to Rory Gallagher, etc.

However I do enjoy playing some other stuff, from Steve Vai to Satch, I also really like Paul Gilbert, but normally fail pretty miserably at his songs lol.
I do sometimes play metal also, just the sort of basics from Megadeth to Testament, Pantera, Black Label Society etc also.

So, I guess that gives you all a fair enough idea, I was looking at some Ibanez Prestiges, but I'm not really sure where to start? Also had a look on the Jackson site, and the Schecter site. Although I once tried a Schecter Temptest (don't remember which one) and it felt horrible... so

Budget? Jackson SL3 or Ibanez RG1570 springs to mind. Both are versatile, well built guitars, though if you don't like Ibanez because they feel cheap, or Schecters, I would highly suggest Jackson (I have similar complaints about modern Ibanez or schecters and love Jacksons).
Hmm I did say that my SZ doesn't feel cheap, is what I like about it :P
I was looking at the Rg2550Ex i think it was, seemed pretty decent.
Basically the 1570 with a scratch plate haha.
Nah but, the thing is I dont really use the floating Trem, my Rg370 has one and I don't remember ever using it.
No real budget, just within reason. Obviously can't afford like a high end Prs or Les Paul, but I'd say I've got enough for a reasonably high end Ibanez/Jackson.
I would highly recommend a Jackson DK1, and then getting a Tremsetter or Tremolo-No for it. If you can afford one though, look into an SL2T.
i would highly recommend getting down to a couple guitar shops and trying out everything in your price range, then just buying whichever one you like best
See I do that, that's how I've bought all my guitars so far, but none of them seem to have worked. For example the RG370, that seemed like an amazing guitar first time I tried it, really cheap too, and it didn't work out too well.

So I thought i best seek some assistance this time:P

What do you all think about the RG2550?
Quote by Shabalaba
A nice guitar, ive never played one but it gets good reviews. Do you want a floyd rose? (Edge/EdgeIII), personally i would get this:
except i wouldnt get it in that colour, ive seen it unpainted in just a natural effect and its quite nice

That didn't bring anything up? just to me to Ibanez UK, which model is it?
Hmm, I dunno. I often use the middle singlecoil on my rg370, so I figured if I'm spending this much on a guitar it may as well have it rather than not. I don't s'pose it's essential but I enjoy using it

What about these Rg550 re-issues? Whats the deal with those?