I want to build a guitar and i was wondering if its better to get a guitar kit (saga for example) or buy parts off ebay. This is my first build.

Thanks in advance
I never really liked the idea of kits, as it's not really building a guitar more than it is putting one together. However, if it's your first build and you can find a kit that provides an end result you're happy with, go for it. You can always swap out components with ones bought of Ebay as well
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I have put together 4 guitars now with parts off Ebay. As long as you know what you want and have the patience to wait for it to come up it is a much better way to get what you want. Just make sure you start with the body then you will know what sizes to get for other various components.
Make sure you ask questions about the pieces you are looking at before you bid on it. You don't want to be stuck with something that doesn't fit.
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I have done a few saga kits. there ok if you want a cheap $150.00 guitar when you are done. I would buy componets on ebay and build what you want. It may take little longer but you'l probably like the results better.
it may be a little more expensive (i don't really know) than parts off ebay (but it will be a sure thing and the best quality)


you should at least look at warmoth.com I'm gonna do a build off of there, all there stuff is top notch
Thanks everyone. I've decided to make one from parts off ebay. Anyone know any good ebay shops for guitar parts?

Parts off ebay can get tricky when it comes to matching things up. If you are thinking of a kit build and you are just starting to learn the finer points of setup then saga kits are good and there are a lot of kits on ebay that are very affordable. They tend to have less than desirable tuners and pickups but they will work well enough untill you get money for something better. If you have a good knowledge of woodworking then you might want to have a look at the kits they sell on www.lmii.com. These are much higher quality, but nothing is precut. You get a box of lumber that has been properly dired and selected for quality, but you have to do all the layout, cutting, and shaping yourself.
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eBay parts, that's what I did.
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Yes ebay deffo.

If you want something easy to do as a first project, do a telecaster. Nearly all telecaster parts available will fit together to be honest. Some may need some minor alterations but nothing major.
Or something a bit more challenging but still easy to assemble is a strat, the only challenging this about this is the tremelo, but this isn't THAT hard to do
and again, most stratocaster parts will fit any.

Or alternatly, look on www.axesrus.com
do some good hardware quite cheap aswell, pickups are good aswell so i've heard.
Also the bodys on there are one of the cheapest i've found, finished aswell,
and some of the necks are good, i've had a couple from there

and, they're based in the UK