I've got a persuasive speech due in 2 weeks and I really need to ace it cause I'm not doing well in the class (it's a hardcore college class and as luck would have it, I got by far the hardest professor in the department... he only gives As to the top 10% of speeches he's heard in his career).

Anyways, I was gonna do something on U.S military foreign policy but I was thinking it might be too tough to tackle. Any ideas?

The idea is I want something at least moderately interesting but that's fairly easy to cover and that I can do a good job on (the teacher seems to know something about everything so if I miss ANYTHING on foreign policy he'll mark me down for it)

Oh and it's a 10 minute speech to give you a general idea.
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anything controversial should do... abortion, iraq war blah blah... but ya. anything controversial.

Well obviously it's a PERSUASIVE speech, i.e. I'm supposed to convince people of something.

Concrete topics please.
Iraq war

Gay adoption

Hunting of some kind


Alcohol/sex/drug laws

Few fairly tasty and easy to research ones for you there. For my "Key Skills Communication" shit class, I'm doing the Iraq war.

Obviously you must write persuasively to argue whether the above topics should be allowed or not, or whatever.

So simple. Plus, if you're into it, you can get so passionate about it.

You can take angles all the way from how banning a plant is immoral, how saying marijuana isn't a medicine yet handing out medicinal marijuana makes the government hypocrites, how the war on drugs in general is a huge waste of tax payers' money, how prohibition doesn't work, just like it didn't for alcohol.

You get the point.