hi, I'm looking for an overdrive pedal that will go well with my hot rod deluxe. I've been reading these forums for a few months now and I've noticed that in almost every thread at some point someone will say "get a ts9" and then someone else will say "no get a maxon" so before that starts I can't get a maxon because no-one sells them. theres no way for me to try a ts9 so is it that good that im guaranteed to like it? also the one im looking at on ebay says it has ashbass mods, are these good. and finally is about £45 a good price for a used one? thanks
If you can afford it get the Robert Keeley ts9 mod plus, it's true bypass and better than the maxon or ibanez. If you can't, get the ibanez and do it yourself
i'm cheap and I only wanna buy used im not too bothered about mods, I just thought it might be a nice extra
wait a sec, does your strat plus have blue silver and red lace sensors? 'cos thats what I have. Does it go well with the ts9?
If you can afford to pay a bit extra, I highly recommend the Ibanez TS808 tubescreamer. Either that or get a TS9 and mod it to a TS808.
I asked
1. if it was okay to buy it without trying it
2. does anyone know anything about the mods done to it
3. is it a good price
and th 2 replies I got were "get a keely modded one" and "get a ts808"
sorry to be rude but how is that helpful?
1. it's okay if you know you want a tubescreamer
2. There are TRILLIONS of people who mod them. Which mod(s) are you talking about.
3. There are also TONS of tubescreamer copies; you'd have more luck asking a pedal geek.
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Well, I'm sorry if you don't think that was helpful. But, i was saying that i think a TS808 would be better for you...
1. Depends on what kind of sound you are looking for.
2. There are hundreds of mods for the Tube Screamer, this again is depending on the sound you are looking for.
3. Sure. Depending on the condition of it.

Also, please don't bump your own threads, such as that triple post you did. Just edit your post. Thanks.
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