Hey guys. Ive just been told by my friend that he can get a hughes and kettner 100w matix combo 2nd hand for £100 (roughly $200ish). He asked what i thought about it but have had no experience with H&K amps and was just wondering if anyone here has? and wether or not its a good offer? thanks

heres a link to a site with the amp
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Hughes & Kettner make amazing amps, in my opinion the best.

I have a H & K Switchblade half stack, and it sounds incredible on any stage so far both standing in front of it, and comnig through the monitors.

I haven't tried the Matrix or any other H&K solid-state amps out, but I can't imagine they'd be anything less than good. I think it's a good offer, especially as H & K are hard to fing in UK. In Birmingham where I live (the second city of UK, to any foreigners) there is only one registered Hughes & Kettner dealer that I could find...that includes all the major high street stores...I had to buy from a boutique shop.

I say go for it, but trying before you buy is always advisable.
I have a H&K tube 50. Don't think they make 'em anymore but it is sweet as.
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I possess an Hughes & Kettner Attax 100, and I must say that I've found it wonderful. Of course... one ought always to test the amp before purchasing it.