If all goes well, ill be graduate from high school in march. right before my 17th birthday. I want to go to college, but im not really sure what for yet. But one of my top choices is music, obviously. What i was thinking if i cant make it as a pro musician, i deffinatly want to do something in music. I dont know much about recording studios because all the bands ive been in havnt gotten that far. But im pretty sure what im looking for is record producing. I want to work in a stuido with bands recording and helping them sound just right. Am i looking into the right thing? Is it possible to be both an engineer and producer? Does anyone know of any good colleges? thanks for your time
There are music production/audio engineering colleges EVERYWHERE. A quick search will help you out.
Personally, I've been looking into some here in Canada, all with good reputations.
And yes, by the sounds of it, you are thinking of audio engineering and music production. If I were you, I'd do an internship with a studio first though, so that you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. I've been interning at a studio here for the past four months, and it's only further clarified that this is what I want to do, and opened many doors in the process.
ive looked up a couple, Berklee, Mcnally, and ill look up that fullsail too thanks, another question, will they accept me because im so young?
At least in Canada, the prereq for an audio prgram is typically a grade 12 english credit, high school diploma - or, you have to be at least 19, out of school for a year. I turn 18 in July, but I'll get accepted when I'm 17. I do't know if it's different in the States. Probably for a place like Berklee, it's probably better to have some knowledge already of the program you're applying for. Typically, they want to know that you have an interest in it, and that it's not just some spur-of-the-moment type thing.

By the way, these questions can likely be answered on the schools' websites, or by e-mailing a program advisor.
Thanks, ill be getting my degree soon. ill stop buggin ya guys, thanks for the help though