In the upper left hand corner of your screen on the forums page there should be a button that says "Control Panel". Click that, and the first option there should be "Edit Signature".
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1 - Click on Control Panel below the ad at the top of this page.

2 - A new page appears.

3 - Click on Edit Signature

4 - Another new page appears.

5 - Type whatever text you want in the text window, format it just like you would a post. Add smilies, paste a quote, add a link, whatever. NOTE: You can try to put an image in there, but it won't work. Images have been disabled in sigs.

6 - Click on the Preview Signature bar.

7 - IF satisfied, click on the Save Signature bar. If not scroll down, repeat from step 5.

8 - Click on Edit Options

9 - Scroll halfway down the page.
Make certain the box labeled: Show Signatures has a check mark in it. If not tick it.

10 - Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes bar.

From that point on, every post you make will have your signature at the bottom.

This advice courtesy of your new friends. *click*

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