A little history on them for those who care. I got it recently barely used in a bundle along with a Wah (what I really wanted out of the bundle) and a Distorion Factory (which I may sell aswell Im not sure if I want to keep it yet) and decided that my reverb needs are almost non existent at the moment. The person who owned it before me who I know personally bought it to put together a nice pedalboard and decided before ever gigging it that the case was too much to lug around so he sold the pedals off one by one until I bought the last 3 left.

There are NO visible signs of use but when the guy set up his pedalboard he stuck it on there with a big piece of velcro which is still in perfect condition.

New its $140 at my shop but MF sells it at $100 so Im asking $75 (or trade) heres a link to the MF page for it