how experienced do you think you have to be to play in a band, how long till you first joined a band?
i've played a few years and haven't joined a serious one (mostly because i don't find what i'm looking for)
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i was in my first band befor i started learning how to play. i sugest atleast learning the basics of guitar and then the basics of the genra your playing.
I joined a band as a bassist after 8 months, which was a mistake because I just couldn't keep up. I'd say that you are about ready when you have a basic knowledge of theory including modes and intervals, know your way around the fretboard, and have a good sense of time and groove.
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It's not something you can really put a time frame on. I joined a blues/classic rock cover band as a rhythm guitar player after a year playing. There were definite times I couldn't keep up, but at any point I couldn't play what was required by the song, I would just switch to playing chords instead and everything still sounded fine, since the lead guitarist was covering most of the complex stuff anyway.

Here's what you need before joining a band:
Most importantl: The ability to play in time.

Next most important: A basic knowledge of all the keys, and the common chord progressions found within each key, and where these chords are on the fretboard. So if someone says, okay we're playing a 1-4-5 in the key of E, you'll be able to figure out that the chords you need to be playing are E A and B.

A basic knowledge of the major and minor scales, an idea of intervals, and the major and minor pentatonic scales. Again, you need to know how to apply this to every key. If you want to be a lead player, intervals are much more important, and you need to know a good amount about chord tones.

It's not actually a whole lot to learn, and as long as the rest of the people in the band are patient, and more skilled than you, you'll end up picking up a lot on the way.
After about 3-4 months of playing I joined a band as a keyboardist. It went over pretty well, keyboardist who aren't pretentious cocks are pretty sought after. Joined a band as a bassist before I had picked up the instrument.
Joining a band is one of the best things you can do to develop your playing, you'll improve extremely quickly
You should join, or create a band with some friends as soon as possible. You will all get a lot better when you're playing together.