Were going to be playing at a very popular festival, and I'm a very nervous guy.

How can I calm my nerves before this?
Talk to some people in the crowd. This will make it seem like a more friendly enviroment, and also give the people a good impression of you.
Where you playing
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Just remind yourself that everyone wants to be in your shoes, that everyone is jealous of the guys on the stage, and that you are the coolest guy in about a 20-mile radius... works for me...
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Actually, just get used to it, depending on when you go on, last, first, mid-day, try hanging in the crowd with the festee go'ers and watching the others perform, they'll be crapping just like you are now, it'll give you a bit confidence towards playing when you see them go through it.
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I usually have 2-3 beers to loosen me up, but not hinder my playing. No drugs, if you're not a drinker, just chill and talk to people. The more you think about it the more nervous you are going to be. It's like a killer downward spiral that will make you look like a boring stiff on stage bc you're so nervous. Act like you've done it before and this festival is no big thing to you, besides just trying to rock out. I mean everyone gets a little nervous before a big show, just don't let it affect you. You'll be fine.
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I search the thing on the web, very big indeed, hope that you do well
Since 2002 using UG. This page teached me how to play guitar and help'd me to embrace the passion of my life: Music.
Just hang around the festival before your show. Make friends, have some fun, and tell people you're playing so you'll get a bigger audience! Also, before you gig, make sure you know every song you're gonna play to the point where you'd be able to play it at any given moment on any given day. That way, you can just go up on stage and have some fun!