Hey guys,

Yet another gear question from me. Im gonna get my first amp pretty soon and im pretty set on the Cube-30. Though recently i found out about the Cube-30x. Now appart from one extra amp model, a built in tuner (which from what i understood can only tune to standard open E) and the power squeezer thing is the sound different or anything ? The difference in price is only like 4 bucks, either that or the guitar stores price list is all messed up.

So yeah basically i wanna know the advantages and disadvantages (if there are any) of a cube 30 to a 30x

i think the 30x is like an upgrade so yah probably a better sound.
Can I get a Demonoid invite if you have a spare one?
I have the 30x and I have played the normal. First the tuner is GREAT it's chromatic (if you hold the button down), so you can tune however you want. And the power squeezer is good when you want to have great tone while at lower level volume. And yes the X is upgraded with a little bit better sound. Buy the X I say.
Soooooo... Get the X, I recommend it! ^^
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