When I say the solo, I mean the crazy bit that flutters from fret 14 to 19 and so on. Basically the bloody hard bit.

What I want to grasp, is how can one train up to get that finger speed between the first finger and your pinky? I can play it at about 60% tempo but after that I just get phased, and wonder how Vai does it.

So could anyone help on this? I understand that it requires a hell of a lot of practise, but how can I aim towards this particular goal?
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You just have to build up the strength in that area between your ring finger and your pinky. You can feel it warming a little bit when you move your pinky and index fingers back and forth. You just have to practice with it, and you want to get your timing right too, so start slower and just keep building up speed. It's not going to come immediately.
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I use the first finger and ring finger to play that part. I find it easier to make the pull-offs. I think Vai does the same too. Check out the video with the Orchestra playing that song.
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