Alright, so I just got my new Dean Dave Mustaine V VMNT1 in the mail. And it's awesome, I'd love to play it. However, it came with Dunlop Flush Mount Straploks. Since I know nothing about guitars except how to play them, I can't figure out how to get the actual strap onto it. It's probably obvious, but as of now I can't work it. Can someone kindly explain what I might need to do?
Straplocks generally have two parts. One part unscrews from the other, then you put the strap on, then tighten the other part on top of it. Like this:


1. Edge of guitar.
2.Strap Lock pointy part that you put strap over.
4.Strap cap that you screw onto pointy bit. (2)

There was probably an easier way to explain that. =D