i asked for a gallien krueger 700-RBll head and a gallien krueger SBX410 cab.
hell yes
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I'm asking for access to my inheritance (about half a year overdue) so I can buy myself a 5150
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i'm torn between an ashdown MAG c210 T-300 and a fender MIM jazz V
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Don't stop being you <3

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I think after this relentless adding for the last 10 mins, that Dan is the coolest looking. Goddamn welsh people and my great etc etc etc etc etc granddad is welsh.
since my birthday is 3rd december, and its my 18th this year, along with christmas my rents bought me an RMC Wizard Wah, and its next to me now, but mum wrapped it up and they won't let me play it! so I have an amazing hand built wah and a dunlop crybaby gcb95 and i have to use the damn crybaby! so unfair!
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you can get that toneblaster stack at the cost of your dignity.

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fine, screw the cheese sandwich if you must...

PRS Soapbar II


I'm also thinking about a telecaster or a stratocaster. Or some other cheap PRS.