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Voters: 10.
Right new amp time
I play metal mostly, ranging from Metallica to Black Dahlia Murder
For my band I use a tone similar to Dethklok and The Black Dahlia Murder
Which amp is better?
I can't decide between them
Guitars, I use my Jackson RR3 and JS30 KV
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I'd actually like to know the same, i think its something to do with settings for each channel, but it doesn't have a clean channel does it? I guess that doesn't matter for black dahlia murder lol. but would for some metallica if you play any of the softer stuff.
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The standard 6505 has a shared EQ. But some say the + as less bass than the 6505.

Your call.
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I have owned both.

The + has a much better clean channell, and a TAD bit less gain. Dont let the 6 preamp tubes fool you on that. The 6th 12ax7 is dedicated only to the clean channel.
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The 6505+ has a more smooth tone to my ears and gets my vote over the regular 6505.
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