I bought my first truck last year even though I can't drive for another 2 months from now. The last owner had a shitload of huge dogs and she was fucking disgusting so she sold me the truck for cheap just cause it was dirty and no one else wanted it.

I already tried scrubbing the shit out of everything in it and it still smells like fuck. Is there any kind of deodorizing spray or uhh.. magic powder or something that will help get rid of the gross smell? There are also dog hairs all over the interior that are impossible to remove. Heeeelp.
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Baking soda maybe? Works for refrigerators .
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rent one of those carpet steamers, and leave the windows open over night (if possible)
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There's probably about 6 clips ( if it's a standard cab ) that holds the seat material onto the foam, unclip it, put that in the washer, then dryer. As for the carpet, if you really wanted to, you could unbolt the bench from the floorboard ( should be about 4-6 15mm bolts holding it down ) then peel up the carpet, junk it, then spray the floorboard with with this "Awesome" stuff, dollar store sh!t, works great. then spray your floorboard with "Undercoat" then put the cover back on the foam and bolt the bench back to the floorboard. Hope this helps, it'll take a good day-day and a half, and probably about 20 bucks but it'll be the best route.
did you try Febreeze?
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try baking soda, activated charcol, fabreeze, all those things. but the most important thing is to let it air out A LOT. that means that leave the windows open the whole time (as long as it doesn't rain cause that's even worst). especially when you are driving. if you can set up a fan blowing through the car its even better.
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Alright, thanks guys.
Vantage Ghost Gibson "The Paul" copy
Fender FM-100H half-stack
Regal vintage 30W class A amp head (handcrafted in Montreal)