Hey guys i am planning on getting some rack gear around Christmas, this is what i am looking at

Furman power conditioner

rocktron replifex

Rocktron hush super c

and a Rocktron midi mate

Does this sound like a good set-up?

should i rout both the replifex and hush through the effects send/return or should i have my guitar into the hush then into the amp, while just the replifex through the effects send/return?

depends. If use are using a high gain tube amp, You will want the super C in the front of the amp.

I know it says to use it in the fx loop, but In high volume, high gain situations, you need the gate in the front of the amp.

I run my super c in the front of my JVM and it works great. This is not the case when it is in the fx loop.

That everything else looks good to me. Just experiment with both the front and the fx loop with the Super C
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Sounds cool, but if budget isn't too big a problem for you, I would suggest you buy an ISP Decimator Pro Rack, rather than the Hush Super C, it is a much better noise gate and probably the best on the market.

It is a bit pricey, but having used one in the studio I can safely say it is well worth the money. It also has one channel for your guitar signal to go directly into to reduce the microphonic feedback, and another channel going in the effects loop to remove the 50-60hz hum so that the amp is silent, even when the guitar volume is off but the amp isn't in standby!

Anyway...good look to you mate. I've been considering a rack lately but don't think I want/need(or have the money for) enough stuff to warrant getting one! Would just be a mainly empty rack with maybe one or two modules in it haha.

Edit: The ISP team were also some of the engineers who worked on the original Hush :p
that is one thing that i really want to take out is the feedback, if i got the hush and put it through the effects loop would that get rid of feedback while lessening the sound from my distortion channel?

because im thinking that the isp is too much money