I'm currently reviewing the final specs for my guitar, as I've gotten everything i need to make it. It's a 7 string, if that makes much diffrence with this.

but I was thinking, now that I've decided for to get a maple top, could I make it a semi hollowbody?

As in, how would it sound if I just hollowed out part of one side. not a huge amount, probably about 1/5 or 1/6 of the body? Would it help at all? how muc would i have to take away before it'd matter? The body is Mahagony btw. And is there any particular chape i'd have to make it in, or just kind of an oval shape?

I'm tryig to make this guitar versital also, but I read that hollowbodies really screw over your distortion because they have ungodly feedback. Would doing such a small scale version of a hollowbody have much of an effect on the distortion abilies?
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TS, if you're playing a 7 string I assume you play high-gain?

If so there's not really a point to hollowing it out.

However if you just want holes under the cap (IE closed holes) to reduce weight that will work. If you were imagining something like a Gibson 335 or a Thinline Telecaster I don't think that would sound all that good.
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