i need help with a bit of chemistry homework...

when NH4NO3 (ammonium Nitrate) and NaOH (sodium hydroxide) is mixed tey produce three products i got the nitrate (NaNO3) and H20 but there is a gas produced and this is where im stuck???
is it NH4OH???

thanks to all those who actually help
it is either your answer or NH3 i think..... im kinda doing the same stuff but probably about 2 das behind you. one question how do you know it makes three products....is that in the question....
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its sort of like a ulminating assignment lab thing
and the teacher told us it makes three water a nitrate and gas

EDIT: OMG i see it thank you
it is ammonia gas cause the hydroxide makes the water with one hydrogen from ammonium so there fore NH3 is the result

thank you
NH4+ NO3- + Na+ OH- ----> H20, Na+NO3-, and NH3....it's pretty basic stuff...

ammonia, which is NH3