Today tomorrow and etc is a bitch.. it has totally no structure to it, it is like gone in
different directions without any meaning..

Interlude, now this is the better way, i'ts quiet but i feel the emotion.. there could be a
song made out of it..

song, the same as interlude..
cheers glenn.
Thanks. I agree with you, Today, Tomorrow and etc. really sucks. But it is more of an Idea for a song, than an actual song. No set structure or anything. I meant to specify that.

I am trying to get vocals in Song but I think I will leave Interlude the way it is, but I will add humming voices to it (singing in the same key as the guitar.)

Thanks much for the Crit!
I wrote a song about war...
The kind that lives in your head.
i'd say song is the best out of the three. It has the most structure and just sounds the best. The chord structure is pretty cool. I think you need a bit more variation in there tho, its a bit repetitive. The interlude is pretty cool. Tomarrow, today and etc song is my least favorite. All your songs need work, but i think they could get pretty good if you work at it.

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I like them. My favorite is Empty Echoes. I think they could use lyrics. But good for having none. And by the way thanks for the crit.
I wrote a song about war...
The kind that lives in your head.
I really liked your choice of chords, very different and original....but as you said, the recordings leave a bit to be desired.
Crit one or all of mine if you like. Just look for my name (slapfunk_101) in the original recordings forum, should be on the first or second page.