Is there actually any way to get an instrument custom made by Fender?

You know, where you get to design your own guitar like you can do with ESP or Jackson?

If you go to the Fender website and click "Custom Shop" it just gives huge lists of pre-made guitars.
I haven't found a way, I've looked for a custom bass from them. If I were in your situation, maybe I'd suggest looking into a nice jackson or ESP. They're nice instruments, and a custom shop of either would be amazing.
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if you're looking for a custom guitar, go for a prs private stock.
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A friend of mine got one made by Fender. He didn't do it just on the internet though, he like called them up and stuff... but that might just because his brother(? I'm not sure, some male relative) works for them.
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Dude, a PRS Private Stock would cost more than ur house. Maybe try to find a number for FMIC Inc. and call em about it.