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So, I jammed my left hand's middle finger today, and it's insanely swollen.

When it's not so swollen and doesn't hurt as bad to bend, should I play guitar, or will it just make it worse again?

Thanks folks.

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give it some time, that isn't something you want to mess with. You could ruin the dexterity in that finger, not playing for a few days is better than not being able to play the same way as you used to. I am thinking worst case senario though...
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you should definitely play guitar still
I plays guitars.
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if you have to, avoid using that finger, but you probably should just give it a rest completely until it feels normal again.
I know what it's like, i burned my right hand in the fireplace now i can't palm mute or stop the strings sounding. should be okay in a few days though
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Just embrace being a rockstar. In Scar Tissue (Anthony Keidis' biography), he says that if Hilel's fingers weren't bleeding by the end of a show, he's be disappointed. That's one extreme.

I would say don't play on it till its healed. But after its healed, well, its healed so you can play with it. It will get stronger and tougher each time it heals.
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I had a situation early this year where I had to drop the guitar for a while while my finger healed. I literally almost sliced the tip off of my ring finger of my fretting hand. If it had any type of angle, I would have. Good 1/3" deep cut into my finger instead... So I was lucky.

Just let it heal, and don't touch the guitar. You may be amazed at what your muscles remember after that short break. I know when I picked the guitar back up finally I was actually better than when I hurt myself. My hands had time to remember what had been learned. =)
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I had jammed my finger by a door and it's very swollen, anyway i'm bored at home and all I want to do is play my guitar, but my finger hurt. I can't even bend it. what should i do?
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Ice and time. Thats all you can do. Rest your hand. Dont try to play all your going to do is make the swelling worse and will take it longer to heal.

Way off topic but with my artritus i have to ice my hands and let them rest for a day or so. So yeah time and rest is gonna have the best results.
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If you have to aleady know the answer.

Do not play until its better and then ease back into it. It will probably be only a few weeks. I know its hard to break the daily habit of playing guitar, but find something different to do like gambling, drugs, booze, reality TV etc.
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Pretty sure his finger's better by now
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