Wow, that's insane. I love the quote, too. "All you have to do is play it."
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I just can't see it being very reliable over time. I think i can handle my own tunings, and you know the price is going to be outrageous
To think, Gibson could be spending time trying to make their guitars cheaper, and more quality, perfecting necks, pickups, etc. and yet they spent the time to make a guitar do one of the simplest parts of playing, tuning.
man, I love you
It was on the homepage yesterday
I plays guitars.
It's not even a big deal, really. There already are (to my knowledge) other guitars you can get that do this. And to be frank, I don't think it tops Gibson's own Digital Guitar of 2005. But neither of them are useful.
I can tune my own guitar.

Cool idea but I'll never use it.
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Sweet, Gibson developing worthless tech that will double the price of already overpriced guitars!

And I love how they basically say all other guitars without it suck, and that you need this system to be in tune, or you have to go to a shop to get it set up each time you need to tune.
Yea, it's about $900 (US) for just the tuners and self tuning extras and the Les Paul "Robot Guitar" is about $3000. (US)

Thanks but no thanks Gibson.