Hope this belongs here...

So im looking for a new pickguard to spice up my MIA strat. The current 3-tone sunburst, maple neck combo goes great with the white/parchment guard, but im looking to change it up.

Basically I'm looking for opinions between a white perloid, tortise shell, or standard black.

Also is there a way of getting the officials ones from fender (looking to get an exact fit so im not drilling holes into my strat).

And while I'm here Im wanting to put some new guts in my squire strat and im wondering if a guitar fetish package like this is any good. I'm not looking for amazing tone, just trying to put some life back into my backup guitar, for as little coin as possible.


WDMusic.com has alot of Strat pickguards. As well as pre-wired pickguards for ur Squier.